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Miyako Sushi Krakow

Miyako Sushi Krakow

#1 Japanese restaurant in Krakow

The Japanese restaurant Miyako Sushi has been inviting guests since the last century.
We were the first in Krakow and years of existence on the gastronomic demanding Krakow market oblige us to constantly strive for truly Japanese perfection.

Our boss – an experienced and talented sushi master Tomasz Płonka was a diligent student of the Japanese sushi master Iwasaki Tamotsu

OUR „MIYAKO” IS FEMALE AND MEANS „Beautiful Night” in Japanese

and the night brings a bit of mystery, greater sensitivity to stimuli, heightened senses. Therefore, we surprise with the sophisticated taste of perfectly composed ingredients of the highest quality.

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There is no accident in our menu, no culinary cliché. There is only excellent cuisine, based on the best foundations of traditional Japanese culinary art.



You order sushi and we deliver it wherever you wish.
Everything, of course, with safety rules, because you won’t have to leave the house for your favorite Maki to be on the table!


Delivery order hours:
Mon – Sat 9-21, Sun 10-20

We recommend our lunch sets

served from Monday to Friday from 9-17

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Amazing tempura uramaki

Amazing tempura uramaki

Amazing tempura uramaki Amazing tempura uramaki with radish, tuna and cucumberchange your mood always for good!   Restauracja japońska Miyako Sushi Kraków zaprasza!

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Where to eat good Ramen in Krakow?

Where to eat good Ramen in Krakow?

Are you wondering where to eat good Ramen in Krakow? With us you can get your favorite Ramen - we have 3 options for you to choose from. Remember that Sunday is a good day for ramen! The Miyako Sushi Japanese restaurant in Krakow invites you!

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on one condition, that the quality and freshness of the products are backed by the experience and skills of the sushi masters from the Miyako Sushi restaurant.
Our sushi is always fresh, never waits more than three hours for the buyer, it is made on a regular basis.

Miyako Express

Our Sushi in Galeria Krakowska goes only two floors down, from the Miyako Sushi restaurant on the first floor to the Miyako Express stand on level -1. We deliver our dishes to Galeria Kazimierz several times a day in a special air-conditioned car, look for us on the first floor, near the cinema.

We focus on loyal customers who have already appreciated the advantages of Japanese cuisine. We focus on travelers who will reach for chopsticks instead of a ham sandwich. We focus on everyone who appreciates the quality of food, its variety and their health.
We invite you!

Our interiors

The interior of Miyako has been designed in such a way that you can contemplate excellent Japanese cuisine in a friendly and comfortable environment.


We serve sushi 7 days a week

Remember that for our guests the restaurant is open every Sunday

Miyako Gift Vouchers

A voucher to be used in our restaurant is a great gift idea. You can order it at the restaurant, by e-mail or by phone.

How to get to us?

Our restaurant is located in the very center of Krakow in Galeria Krakowska shopping mall, just a few hundred meters from the Main Market Square.